About Me

Behavioral game theorist, educated in economics and philosophy, currently at ETH Zurich. Previously at LSE, Oxford, École normale supérieure de Paris/PSE and Johns Hopkins University, my research interests include Social Choice Theory and Evolutionary Game Theory applied to Markets and Collective Goods.

Contact Details

PD Dr. Heinrich H. Nax                                              ETH Zürich
Behavioral Game Theory                                           Computational Social Science
Clausiusstrasse 37 CLD C 3
                                                                                   8092 Zürich

Publications (see also )

Heinrich H. Nax, Ryan O. Murphy, Stefano Duca and Dirk Helbing
Heinrich H. Nax, Maxwell N. Burton-Chellew, Stuart A. West and H. Peyton Young
Heinrich H. Nax, Ryan O. Murphy and Kurt A. Ackermann

Philip Grech and Heinrich H. Nax
Philip Grech and Heinrich H. Nax

Nash Equilibria of Dictator Games: a New Perspective

Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2017.

Teaching/Projects/Other Activities

Head of Evolutionary Game Theory at Computational Social Science (ETH Zurich)
Co-supervision (PhD theses): Matthias LeissStefano DucaCaleb Koch
Coordinator of Advanced Investigator Grant 
Editorial Board: GamesJournal of Mathematical Sociology
Ethics Review Board: CESSDeSciL ETH Zurich
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Teaching (current): Introduction to Game TheoryControversies in Game Theory